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Having being involved in the computer business since the time the first IBM personal computers were installed in Penang, all the tremendous changes in the industry is all part and parcel of the business. The constant changing environment affects everyone in the world and their business needs change. In understanding this fundamental fact, ALPINE has been able to provide to customers their IT needs with services which are in line with the global changes.

In order to focus on customer requirements as they move with the times, ALPINE has moved from providing PC hardware to software application and from network integration to internet solutions.

ALPINE's move to be an Application Service Provider has also enabled customers to leap-frog from being confined in their physical environment to globalization.

One of the greatest advantage that ALPINE can really offer to customers is the total solution for their business. With the computer learning center, ALPINE brings customers to the fore front of the latest technology. From the networking division, ALPINE provides the best IT infrastructure and makes available high end tools and testing equipment to all customers. Out of the ALPINE software development division, customers gain extensively from total solutions whether client server or web-based. To top it all, the hosting services and ASP business has given customers a view towards globalization which is so vital for business growth today.

The result is an integrated total solutions for valued customers, no matter how big or small the customer is and no matter which portion of services are provided by ALPINE. All ALPINE customers enjoy the advantage of the tools, equipment, experience and total integrated solutions as ALPINE views each part of the computerization within the bigger picture. The customer who outsourced their IT department to Alpine enjoys a full range of expertise in contrast to only a single IT manager or executive. This is the value that Alpine brings in contrast to the investment cost.

As we move beyond the dotcom euphoria and people begin to go back to basics, ALPINE is already there, continuing to be customer focused in providing extra integrated benefits for the customer's current business with a view to the future.

Corporate Structure
Corporate Structure

The ALPINE group began its corporate existence when the first ALPINE company was formed in 1995. Since then, ALPINE has structured itself into a neat group of synergistic companies each focused on their respective expertise while supporting each other. ALPINE Innovation Holdings Sdn Bhd is the ultimate holding company that owns the ALPINE buildings and the subsidiary companies:

1. Alpine Reliance (M) Sdn Bhd
2. Alpine Innovation Sdn Bhd
3. Alpine Horizons Sdn Bhd
4. Alpine Computers Sdn Bhd
5. Cintai-IT Sdn Bhd

Each of the subsidiary companies is managed by the unit managers and is fully focused on their area of expertise. The whole idea is to have each unit being very strong in the area of expertise with a group of very focused staff. At the same time, all the 5 Alpine companies combined has proven to be a powerful company, much akin to the 5 elements of Fung Sui put together to complete the perfection.

ALPINE RELIANCE (M) SDN BHD specializes in education and all the education and training business is put under its roof. ALPINE RELIANCE has withstood the test of time as the operations of two full-time learning center is no mean feat especially with all internal expertise in both course consultant and certified instructors. Operating the New Horizons Computer Learning Center has its advantages and making the center a world-class computer learning center is an achievement by itself. ALPINE prides itself in being appointed to be the first to provide training to computer vendors each time a new software is launched for example by Microsoft so that these group can then go on to reach out and teach the general masses. Currently ALPINE is an authorized Training provider with the Human Resources Development Council. At the same time, ALPINE has been appointed Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider, Certified Lotus Training Center, Certified Corel Training Center, Certified Internet Webmaster Center and Sylvan Prometric Test Center.

ALPINE INNOVATION SDN BHD is a well-known name in providing end-to-end solutions in computing infrastructure. ALPINE has since 1995 been providing solutions in designing, implementing and commissioning many corporate networks. The job that ALPINE has been entrusted with include fiber cabling, UTP cabling, network hubs, switches and routers. Many of the network projects undertaken and completed by ALPINE are state of the art designs including projects for University Utara Malaysia, Motorola, SONY, Hitachi, Solectron, Intel and many other major corporate clients. ALPINE is appointed as a certified designer installer by Avaya (Lucent) and also uses CISCO, 3COM and Intel in its projects.

ALPINE HORIZONS SDN BHD specializes in software research and development. Some of the commercial work done include fully integrated programs in Accounting and Finance, Inventory & Distribution and also web-based e-commerce programs. As a Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider, ALPINE has benefited from the years of association with Microsoft. Many of the e-commerce sites are online today and ALPINE owns substantial expertise in full project design, development and implementation. ALPINE customers benefits from the end-to-end service provided covers the design, development and even hosting of the e-commerce sites itself in ALPINE.

ALPINE COMPUTERS SDN BHD is set up to undertake large projects both in Malaysia and overseas. In securing the turnkey projects, ALPINE COMPUTERS can tap on to the various expertises offered by the other sister companies. In any large project, the project management is key to the success of then project and ALPINE Computers has demonstrated its ability in managing and successfully implementing hardware and software systems globally. In 2001, some of the projects will be rolled out in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Our Mission
Our Mission
"To enhance the competitive advantage of corporate customers through the innovative use of Information Technology"

Since its formation, Alpine has focused on three key areas of Information Technology, namely the e-commerce services, I.T. Training and I.T. Services. The e-commerce services division designs, developes and hosts e-commerce systems like online store, ERP, Finacials, HRMS and any other web based systems. The I.T. training division took up New Horizons computer Learning Center and covers a wide spectrum of corporate and public I.T. Training. The I.T. Services division provides outsource services ranging from standard IT engineer servisec and whole I.T. department to campus network support. Being very focused, each department is headed by able managers to give the best services to the customers. The very fact that the company is management owned has spurred the company to give the best service to ensure that all Alpine customers are happy customers.


Finance Ministry of Malaysia
- Contractor Registration

Human Resource Development Council
- Class A Registration Certificate

National Vocational Training Council
- Accredited Center


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Alpine Innovation Sdn Bhd
1-3-18, Krystal Point Corporate Park, Jalan Tun Dr Awang, Bayan Lepas, Penang
Penang, Malaysia

Tel : 604 - 642 2333
Fax : 604 - 642 8823
Email : alpine@alpine.com.my
Contact Person : James Wong

Business Type : IT
Sector : Technology
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