The Company


Alpine Innovation Sdn Bhd has over more than 25 years of proven record in business providing quality products, customer service and support having been incorporated in October 1995. Distribution and trading are the main activities of Alpine and as a technology company, Alpine provides a B2C portal to make it convenient for customers to order their products and get them delivered to their homes in good condition. 


Alpine Innovation Sdn Bhd is in the business of distributing Recreation and Sports Fishing Equipment. The main house brands are Tsuri and Torikumu which have been around since 2010. Alpine offers the best quality Sports Fishing Rods to cater for the various needs of skilful Recreational Sports Fishing Enthusiasts.


Alpine’s B2C portal caters for recreational sports fishing enthusiasts by offering high quality sports fishing rods online, making it convenient to choose their favourite sports fishing rods and to get them delivered promptly top their homes in good condition. Owned and operated by Alpine Innovation Sdn Bhd, carefully selects sports fishing rods with the aim to enhance the skills of sports fishing enthusiasts and enhance their enjoyment in this hobby. The availability of this B2C online portal provides a fast and convenient way for fishing buddies to easily choose and buy their favourite fishing rods of high quality that can enhance their fishing skills and enjoyment of their sports fishing hobby.


Sports Fishing enthusiast are invited to join our fishing community by becoming a member of where all members get to buy sports fishing rods at member prices. The Tsuri World fishing rods blog will provide the latest news on the fishing rods and members will be updated with the latest trends and models of fishing rods available.